Iron wall vents are made for the openings of canals that are installed in the walls of buildings. Wall valves consist of linear, lattice and one-way, two-way, three-way and four-way. Ordinary wall valve is made of three types of aluminum, iron and plastic, which has a damper and also without a damper.

Access valves


There are usually places in buildings that need to be visited in an emergency or on a case-by-case basis, so below these sections a facility inspection window is installed to make access to these points easy and convenient. The most common use of this product is in the mechanical and electrical installations of buildings, which are briefly as follows. This valve can be used to visit mechanical facilities, including: inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment, place of cleanouts, installation of valves,, under sewage siphons, under sewage risers, access to air conditioners, installation on valves of building blocks, etc. .., also visit electrical installations and equipment such as: covering all ff panels, telephone, central antenna, fire alarm systems, computer network, power cable crossing, CCTV equipment, use on the floor to cover the meter, etc. Be used. Inspection valves are manufactured and supplied with Siemens locks, latch locks, magnetic locks and weight locks (from various opening and closing systems).

Round valves


Uses Aluminum tailgate with the highest amount of air density, or in other words, the diffusion and transfer of inlet air in the intake manifolds. Ventilation systems. This

valve is on the return and discharge route.

Uses The aluminum round mesh valve is blown with the highest amount of air density, or more simply, the diffusion and transfer of inlet air in the intake manifolds of the ventilation systems. Therefore, following the mentioned cases, the most common use of this valve is in the return and evacuation route.

Flexible pipes


Flexible pipe or flexible pipe is a metal pipe that is used to cover and protect the cable. Flexible pipes are also called hose pipes.

Flexible pipe or flexible hose pipe is a flexible metal form that is used to cover and protect network and power cables. These pipes are mainly used to protect cables in welding and industry. A shield or cover is used to prevent damage to the cable. The most important feature of these pipes is their flexibility. So it is resistant to any load or rotation. Therefore, at high pressures, long-term resistance to sunlight and high and low temperatures is very strong and durable and has a long useful life. The use of cables and wires in civil engineering is of particular importance. They must also prevent corrosion, moisture and serious damage.